Mudderella and Futures Without Violence:

Partners to prevent and end domestic violence


Mudderella is committed to giving women a great experience at our events.
We’re also committed to a great cause — the prevention of domestic violence and supporting those affected by it.

What is Futures Without Violence?

Futures Without Violence is a national nonprofit that is working to prevent and end domestic violence by developing innovative programs and policies that:

  • support victims, survivors, and their families and help them get to safety
  • educate individuals about the critical roles that we all have to play in promoting healthy relationships
  • promote mutual respect as the foundation of healthy relationships
  • support children who are exposed to violence at home and in school
  • enlist health care providers and health systems to improve domestic violence responses
  • and much more
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How does this all work?

When you register for Mudderella, you will be asked if you want to set up a fundraising page. If you don’t set up a page when you buy your ticket – it’s never too late. Read below to learn how to get started and get the word out.

Mudderella encourages participants to raise money for Futures Without Violence and there are amazing incentives if you do:

  • $150: special edition Futures Without Violence tank top
  • $250: plush Futures Without Violence towel
  • $450: rock a new pair of Flutter sunglasses
  • $1,000: All of the above plus a Futures Without Violence tote bag

Most importantly, when you raise money for Futures Without Violence, you’ll make an investment in positive solutions that are helping women, children and families everywhere own their strong, and future!

Raise $150 (or more) for FWV and Mudderella will donate $15 to FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE*

*Mudderella agrees to make a charitable donation of $15 to FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE on behalf of each individual participant who raises $150 (or more) for FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE. At the end of the event season, Mudderella will combine all such charitable donations and make one lump sum donation to FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE on behalf of all qualifying individual participants. A donation from Mudderella may show on your Crowdrise page as an offline donation (US & CA). A donation from Mudderella to FUTURES WITHOUT VIOLENCE will only be made for funds raised on the official Mudderella fundraising page.

Fundraising Checklist

Step 1: Register for Mudderella

When you register for Mudderella, you have the opportunity to set up a fundraising page on CrowdRise. If you have already bought a ticket and now want to set up your page click here. If you don’t have your ticket yet, register for your event here and set up your fundraising page when prompted.

Step 2: Personalize your Fundraising Page

Make your page recognizable to friends and family by personalizing it. Include a photo, video and brief description about why you are participating in Mudderella and why you are raising money for Futures Without Violence

  • Log into CrowdRise
  • Click “Edit Fundraiser”
  • Start personalizing your page
Step 3: Email your friends & family

To write a good fundraising email, be sure to:

  • Actually ASK for support – Tell them that in supporting you, they are supporting a great cause
  • Make it personal
  • Be positive
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Get more email tips here

To ensure they follow through on their good intentions, be sure to:

  • Set a goal (e.g “We’re aiming to raise $500!”)
  • Set a deadline
  • Offer directions with appropriate links on how to donate
  • Send a reminder email
  • And…Don’t forget to send a Thank-You email!
Step 4: Post on Facebook

We’ve included some advice to get you started, but feel free to be creative and come up with your own!

  • First Message: Let everyone know you are running Mudderella and raising money for Futures Without Violence. Share your fundraising page and let them know how to donate
  • Second Post: Thank everyone who has donated thus far
  • Third Post: Tell your friends about your progress and let everyone know how much more you need to raise in order to meet your goal
  • Fourth Post: Announce when you have reached your fundraising goal and thank everyone who contributed
  • For more fundraising tips click here.

Owning Strong

If you have any questions about fundraising, please contact Futures Without Violence directly at mudd@futureswithoutviolence.org

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